Founded in 2003, Ultra RS is an innovative industrial company which is specialized in Nondestructive ultrasonic testing with as core technology the determination of stresses by ultrasounds.
Ultra RS has two activities: non-destructive testing on industrial site or at ULTRA RS, and development and sale of control and measurement equipments based on ultrasonic technique.

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defaut contraintes serrage

The services relate to:
  • Detection of the defects by ultrasounds in industrial parts (weld control)

  • Measurement of residual stresses in materials and mechanical parts resulting from different kinds of processes (forge, foundry, machining) and/or the exploitation conditions of these parts (assembly, thermal gradients). Ultrasound, non-destructive technique is an alternative to the actual methods used (X-ray diffraction, hole drilling,) in terms of quickness and simplicity of use.

  • Control of the tightening of screws and bolts by ultrasound where assembly security is essential.

  • Control of the quality of surface treatment such as the measurement of the nitriding depth.

Moreover, Ultra RS has contributed and initiated development works on these measurement techniques in collaboration with industrial companies (AREVA, SNCF, SNECMA), and research centers (UTT LASMIS) which led to four patents deposits and the development of control and measurement equipments, by designing the whole measurement chain: control of the tightening, stress measurement, nitriding depth, defect control on long stainless bar.

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